Biomass to Biogas

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is still the only technology available in the marketplace that can take wet, non-homogeneous waste biomass and convert it into renewable energy. What’s more, the process gives you the flexibility to use this energy in the form of a fuel, or to convert it into power and heat.

The economics of the process depends largely on the feedstock, since different materials can have very different biogas outputs. One of the first steps in assessing a potential feedstock is the accurate measurement of the methane potential carried out at laboratory scale. The efficiency with which a digester is converting that biomass can also be measured through the residual biogas potential.

We have produced a modular small-scale measurement system that can test both of these parameters. Our systems are user friendly, easy to operate and adaptable to meet the needs of a small company while also being expandable to fit the demands of a commercial testing facility. They are equally useful as a research tool, and will continue to be used in this capacity.