About Us

CJC Labs was founded by Prof Charles Banks, who has been involved in leading-edge development and optimisation of the AD process for many types of biomass.

Our mission is to make available to the wider biogas community, the type of equipment that has been used successfully in research laboratories for many years.

We have taken tried and tested pieces of kit and redesigned them to take advantage of state of the art manufacturing techniques and precision engineering, to produce user friendly, effective and reliable products which meet your research and quality assurance needs.

Some of the best experts in the business have been engaged to aid in developing the designs, software and the data interpretation package.

We bring with us a wealth of international experience, which over the years has helped to establish AD as a key industrial technology for second-generation renewable energy and the preferred option for organic solid waste management.

That experience is there to help you with ongoing product support, and through the development of new products to meet the needs of the biogas industry. We plan to use any commercial success of the company to support further R&D, moving the industry beyond biogas and into the new age of the anaerobic biorefinery.